Cinema Lliure is a collection of free initiatives that joined forces to promote independent films all year long.


Documentaries about

intimate human stories

Cinema Lliure a la Biblioteca is a free documentary film exhibition held in autumn and winter in public libraries around Catalonia, the Balearic Islands, and Occitania.

Discover insider secrets

from the world of film

Cinema Lliure Connecta is a programme of networking sessions held in Barcelona, aimed at film professionals, future filmmakers, and people interested in learning about the industry know-how of filmmaking.


We love film. We’re moved by real-life stories and the reality reflected on screen. We have a deep respect for the creative work of filmmakers, screenwriters, producers, editors, and all the people who form part of the cinematographic process. We consider the cultural industry to be just as important as any other. We believe that film is essential for collective and individual reflection, to understand the world in which we live, and to understand ourselves. A cinema for everyone. This is the origin of Cinema Lliure’s desire to promote quality independent film with a selection of free initiatives.

Cinema Lliure és una iniciativa de

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